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Yep, as expected, enjoyed this episode more than the previous arc/girl. I think the fact that I like Akira better than Kazuha has something to do with it, although I agree that it's been way too fast. Not just the bath scene, but the inconsistency with how they go to festival straight away whereas we saw in Kazuha's arc that there's been quite some time between them. Would really like to see Akira to get 3 episodes for her arc, but alas...

Oh, but there's still the twist with who Akira's real mother is. It's possible that it's just someone we haven't seen before, but it being Kazuha's real mom (maybe this means that Kazuha is the bastard daughter?) is pretty likely as well. For a crazy, impossible theory, what if it's Haru's mother? After all, we'll get the incest end with Sora anyway, so why stop at one? Yeah, I'm completely kidding with the last one.

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Sorry, but I'm laughing way too hard at the people who aren't careful about who is nearby when they watch any 'choose the girl' based material... much less stuff rated 'adult' that came off of a pay-channel in Japan.

Moral: do your research, eh?
Haha, yeah, I completely agree. I for one will never share an anime with my family until I finished watching all of them, who knows when a surprise can come up...I remember when Chobits starts off real cute and funny with Chii's antics, only to later takes a different turn In no way shape or form will I watch this with my parents, that's for sure.
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