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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Hmm, if the romance between Haru and Akira plays such a "minor" part in her arc, maybe they should have fused Akira and Kazuha's arc? Going by what you're saying and what I've seen in the anime, I think it could have worked better this way.
I wouldn't say "such a minor role", just that there are a lot of other details that demand attention as well. I am not suggesting Akira's relationship with Haru is less meaningful to her than it was for Kazuha, just that there are many things on the plate this time besides the romance, so the focus needs to be spread around. Anyways, i guess i won't be elaborating further, as i am afraid i might slip beyond what can be considered an obvious implication by the episode. You can visit the game thread for more detailed answers, should you decide you want them
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