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Used a power that she had? It may not have been fair for Signum, but she knew what she was getting herself into. And I'd give the edge to Nanoha as strongest combat mage. Signum may be able to go toe to toe in raw power, but Nanoha is just much more versatile, which really pays off.
The Huckebein's powers, during Cypha's fight in particular, reminds me of an old Superman cartoon where Luthor finds an alien able to turn it's body into Kryptonite and then there was Metallo. But we already discussed that aspect of the fight to no end and i cana gree with you if you want, i won't be justifying Signum anymore, she utterly lost that fight, Anti-Magic is not a valid excuse anymore to deny that permanent truth.

About Signum VS. Nanoha, while the draw is accorded one still can catch who is the one in the better condition to continue the fight at the end(ie. not Nanoha). If not for that, Signum won't get as hyped as she was by the time she faced Cypha and the impact would be much smaller. Nanoha is an undeniable top Ace with a lot of flexibility in all areas but that fight demonstrates what happens when she try close combat against a specialized melee fighter. But still all of that is part of the old magic generation style and is currently meaningless on the new era.

Originally Posted by Mirron View Post
And really, we've had so little time as it is, I'm not concerned about Cypha being developed. The majority of the new characters have had only a sparce amount of characterization, it's not that surprising she seems bland.
Which is sad because again there a lot of potential for that situation wasted, a great number of times what makes a series great is a great villain, someone with a variety of traits, of course being strong or intelligent are some of the requirements but the best villains also have a somewhat charming personality, something that makes them interesting but also a valid target for the heroes to despise and defeat without looking like jerkasses.

Sure, Cypha is a Hate Sink and works just fine at it but her genericness upsets me because i was expecting more from the rogue who beats the strongest fighter of the series. Up until that point i was expecting Signum receiving her first defeat at the hand of "The Dragon" after a tough battle or being curb-stompped by the Big Bad himself. But nope, she falls against one of Curren's sidekicks who didn't even manage to do anything impressive besides beting her. If Cypha will really be the new Signum i expect her to at least do a decent job at it.
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