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I want to keep arguing, but it's so ridiculously pointless at this point. You're both determined to make Signum the best fighter in the entire series when it comes to magical combat, and at the same time make her out to be the weakest member of the cast who has no chance in the slightest against the current foes. Which is ridiculous and over the top on both ends (albeit, not so much the first end, since I'd still say she's second overall), and not really worth the time to argue.

And I don't hate any of the current new characters so far, not even Cypha. I'm holding off on feeling much of anything until we've gotten a chance to know them more, so they're all just... kind of blank, at least the villains. I do like Thoma, Lily, and Isis so far, but still need more to really feel for them.
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