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It's not really about a lack of development, honestly, although it doesn't really help that the Hucks are supposed to be deep characters in something that updates so slowly. They wouldn't have introduced her in such an excessive manner if you were really meant to like her - I doubt Vita would have many fans if, for example, she had hit Nanoha into a coma with Graf Eisen.
Yeah, that helps a lot. It was an awesome move because it manage to show how stunningly powerfull Vita was as also demonstrate how determined Nanoha is but the real ice on the cake is Fate appearing in the nick of time saving Nanoha from the surgery room and nearly defeating Vita, reducing some of her exaggeratedly apparent superiority in combat(saving Vita from a much bigger fanbase backlash) and also demonstrates how awesome she has become since Season one in the process.

Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
But again, I'm wondering why a token evil teammate is really required in a group like this. They're all pretty unpleasant if you stop to think about it, so it's not like Cypha is that much worse.
Heh, it will be funny to take that idea to the 4komas. Cypha now with the good team constantly mocking Signum becaouse of the beating with Subaru interfering and menace Cypha(or both) with her Sword Breaker in order to calm things xD.

Also my guess is that Deville will be the first Huck to be worfed, the guy is practically asking for it. Just look at him: Big Impossing appearance? Check, Implacable fighter who easily put heroes in danger? Check, Claiming to be superior than his opponent(Fate)? Check, Having an "indestructible" armor? Check, Silent and cool behavior? Check.

Candidates can range from a new upgrade on a hero, the Raptors demonstrating their effectivity, a new eviler foe or Isis taking him seriously. My bet is that Deville wouldn't end the season without having his ass handed to him.
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