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Of all people she have most right to judge them and to be harsh in that - when it came to similar choice she chose to die and not to kill. That 'ritters broke her orders and other things happened resulting in her getting to live do not diminish it. So she can say "it's wrong" and act on it with clear heart.
Good answer, i never tought of that, yup Hayate is the one closer to understand the Hucks circunstances and seeing them choosing the path of killing contrast heavily with the determination she gather to sacrifice herself for the well-being of others and her overall sense of responsibility, thus triggering her anger and will to fight for the justice she believes in. Well it has been said somewhere that a gentle heart is also in more danger of being broked, this POV gives more sense for Hayate's suddenly transformation into a rough commander and also gives more dimension to her character. Fortunately if preview images from Ch. 15 are to be believed this "rivarly" with Curren will be played up for the rest of the Arc.
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