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Originally Posted by Jarulf View Post
From your description, it does sound interesting. It'd be great if you remember the name, but I know how it is. There are so many shows and manga, and remembering the names of all of them...
Well I'm especially bad, because I did this for years, and then finally realized that I needed to pay more attention. I'd just go on and just go down the list of animes, and if I liked the first 5 minutes I'd keep watching till I lost interest. But I wasn't paying attention to the names, and you REALLY have to pay attention if you don't speak japanese, cause you won't associate the words with things, you only remember the syllables, so remembering konoko no hamiyata watashi wa suki (that's not a real anime I'm just making up an example) is WAY harder than remembering something in your own language like "The man who lost his way" Cause you remember the meaning AND the sound.

So my point is, I watched a ton of anime, and barely paid attention to the title, and now who knows how many of these animes I could look at the title and go "whoa that sounds interesting, I'll give it a shot" only to find out I've seen it... and on the flip side, how many animes do I remember the plot, but have no idea the name.

Really wish I'd done the animeplanet thing a long time ago.
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