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Oh my god this character. People are about to witness something that almost never happens, so here goes. This chick just flat out owns. I love her whole design (smoking hot and that's not something I normally attribute to anime character designs even though a lot of them are made to be that way), but what I really like about is her personality that is kind of sly and confident, and that you can tell she's always calculating things in her head. That and she's kind of got the heart of a lion and is not just another pretty face.

She desires ultimate victory and conquest in a way that kind of reminds me of Reinhard Von Lohengramm and like him she is slowly building a team of capable subordinates around her (who she clearly values) in order to succeed in that plan. Yet like Reinhard she's not a selfish or uncaring person despite having a lot of power and the willingness to act as a tyrant and seems to have a strong sense of justice. That's why to me the incident with the Red King is kind of like her Westerland. It's something she clearly regrets, the one moment where her desire for victory overcame all her other high minded values and she did something that shakes her to her very core whenever she's forced to revisit it.

It's really like she's been designed to be the perfect female anime character for me in many ways as well as a really complex one too. Can't think of many other that are as interesting that I've seen in a while and frankly ever and I'm starting to get a real sense that after this is all said and done I might have a new addition to my all time favorite female characters list.
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