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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
It isn't really a problem about "asking questions", but more like your questions are cycling around the very same topic most of the time: what weapon configurations, and the solution to that issue is deliberately neglected from your part.
It is just extremely tiring when the only reponse I get after the normal suggestion is "I hate using it". If you deliberately don't want to use the relevant tool that will fix your issues on short, medium and long run, I can't help but think you are being lazy instead of trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.
Well, I'll give Motocal a shot this time after I get done with my business today.
I don't ignore the solution, I ask because I've tried the solution and it keeps not working for me. And I "keep asking"" about weapon configurations because beyond the standard ratio of weapon types, which doesn't even hold all the time, you have all these different kinds of weapons that I don't know about. The calculator never would have told me about the Gisla or Ancient Cortana. I've said this before, there are huge lists of different weapons and it's very easy to miss some pretty big ones, which is why I ask people who know about them.
I hate using it because I can't get the dang thing to work for me. You make it sound like I took one look at it and didn't bother. I most certainly have bothered, which is why I hate it. It's hate born from frustration due to multiple failed attempts.

I couldn't care less about people's gratitude when I answer them. But it is extremely tiring to spoonfeed at some point, because instead of helping, I'm basically doing things that could have been done by the person who keep asking the same thing.
This is pretty different compared to "character impression" and analysis, where things can be a little harder to figure out if you don't have the exact same roster than somebody else. But regarding weapon composition, there is just no excuse whatsoever considering the tool itself is tailored for a very personal use. Raw data don't have any bias and the calculator also suggests other "less optimal" compositions which help a lot regarding what kind of choice you'd make in the end (this, for example, would give you an idea how many Bhaal guns is "too many" when you see the number of HP left).
Same as above, it's not ignoring or neglect, it's frustration with being unable to get it to work for me.
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