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As usual, houkoholic's posts are fascinating and largely accurate, as far as my knowledge goes. I see constant tension between Aaya as she is and Aaya's old public image, which 2channel posters keep lamenting the loss of (the black hair in particular). But I don't see Aaya being sold as moe-kitten any more, at least on her blog or in this year's interviews. For me, spunky professional keeps coming through, even somewhat in the Voicha video, where she is at her most moe.

I'll certainly be more skeptical of the vulnerability, but it seems to be real to me. I think what has happened since December is that she dropped out of college and cut back on public appearances and number of concurrent roles, so as to avoid falling over again. But she's still working hard, making a final run at stardom before going back to school full-time.

I think that the agency was in the past pushing her as a moe-kitten, but that they have now given her a female manager who is helping her aim more for sexy than moe, as she herself would prefer. On the other hand, I think she is not a real rocker, more a middle-class wannabe. But that may be good enough in Japan. I'm not trying to be snide, just asking the question, really. She certainly would prefer to be a star as an idol or an actress, since those are more respected and more remunerated, but she probably realizes that her talent is as a seiyuu, and she is working to become famous for her verbal skill and to improve her voice-acting all round.

As for what otaku want, that's a problem. But Aaya may be solving the problem in her own way, by creating the image of a very pretty nice-girl rocker professional seiyuu with special talent. Her style and talent are not of the kind otaku normally like, but she seems to be creating her own fanbase, at least so far. The "Hirano should just die" posts on 2channel seem further apart these days. But maybe that's just because there are more posts about how cute she is and what people would like to do with her, lol.

There is a list of largely fake or out-of-context quotes about her going around, to make it look like she despises otaku and other seiyuu. They are spurious, and I don't hear her really doing anything but appreciate her otaku fans, but I thought it was pretty telling that when they asked her in the NHK interview what kind of guy she liked, she said: "One who looks good in a suit." Maybe that was mainly for the consumption of NHK and its general audience, but I get the feeling it might be true.

I should add that I am not putting down any other seiyuu or even making comparisons. I like Hocchan's work, for example. But I enjoy Aaya's verbal style more, and she is the first seiyuu whose jump from mid-rank to apparent stardom (maybe temporary, we'll see) I have been able to observe fairly closely, so I find her fascinating. I guess Koshimizu Ami is doing it now, too, but no-one seems to hate her the way some do Aaya, so it's less interesting. I know Yahagi Sayuri is not going to be any kind of idol, and will have to do it on the strength of her ability alone.

EDIT: As for sleeping three hours, she apparently said on a Galaxy Angel radio show not that long ago that she normally slept from 4am to 7am. The others said they got between 4 and 6 hours' sleep. The timing of her posts to her blog suggests 4am is true. Maybe that's just her metabolism. If she really is studying late and still going to school...kowaii!

@Vexx: I don't know what's in the wrap/bun. As I understood it, a post on 2channel said it made her look like she was from Nagoya, so maybe it's a Nagoya specialty of some kind. It looks like a small American-style pancake with some kind of cream in it, but I don't know, and she didn't say.
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