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Originally Posted by Wavedash View Post
houkoholic, please give me some credit for having at least half a brain. What I described was not astonishment at seeing her cater to otaku, but rather my own reaction at how easily she slipped into it and the impression it made on me of being old hat for her. Even if it's her job to do that, the fact remains that the thought crossed my mind that it's very calculated on her part.

For those who don't know my opinions well, I am not a big Aya fan. In fact, I think she's one of the biggest sensations to be nearly shoved down our collective throats lately. While she has potential to develop into a good seiyuu, I don't see her having many skills right now.
You have to do it if you want to be successful I think. I admit it is somewhat annoying to have anything seem forced on you (See my talk about Shrek, Borat and Spiderman). Once the whole Otaku Goddess thing winds down I think we'll be able to see the real Aya Hirano as she finds her place in the industry. I've often talked about the industry using her as a commodity, but I mean it's up to her what she wants to be.

I kind of wanted to discuss some of the other Seiyuu in the series as well.

I personally like Aya Endo as Miyuki. The deeper voiced female character is something you don't see nearly often enough and she does a great job of conveying a character who is wise beyond her years. Plus she's the only character whose voice has never grated on me once (Even her out of character Ending bit in the one episode was nice). So yeah a nice calm voice, no outbursts, no manic moments and just a straight up delivery perfect for the character.

Emiri Katou the person looks kind of cute and she does an alright job. There are other things I think she could probably do with Kagami, but the simple approach is never a bad one either.

Kaori Fukuhara is alright too I guess. Again a simple approach to the character, do the cute moe stuff and get out of the studio.

Hiromi Konno, you can blame it on the character of Akira, but I find her to be a bit annoying in both modes. One you have her screaming her head off and the other is just kind of grating. Oh well .

Minoru Shiraishi is pretty good. Too bad he doesn't get to talk half the time because Akira starts blabbing. I find him to be the funnier part of the duo in the Lucky Channel bit, but you know he never really gets to talk much so his part is extremely limited even within the confines of his potential 3 or so minute bit.

So out of everybody I think I like Aya Endo's Miyuki the best. She does everything she needs to do and even nails the panicky moments without overselling it.

Well everybody can go back to discussing Aya Hirano now I guess. Just wanted to contribute to the conversation a bit regarding the rest of the cast.
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