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Originally Posted by houkoholic View Post
Competition is not really the right word I would use. The courtesy Japanese displays, especially in a business situation, is really a mean for them to help each other out to avoid direct responsibility as then everyone's hands becomes dirty and everyone shares the same blame if things goes wrong. The problem with Japanese culture in general is that it is an extremely reactive society due to this mentaility. It's no exaggeration that they will not do anything until shit hits the fan and they can no longer cover it up.
Like those wacky cults out in the countryside. I remember reading a newspaper article a while back about some cult that put tin foil on their vehicles to protect them from brainwashing waves sent by communists (There words, not mine). Apparently they also decide the world was going to end in 2003 when I read the article when the Earth was struck by an unseen meteor. Anyway the article went on to ponder why Japan just allows these cults to exist without trying to do something about them, lest another case like the Aum Shinrikyo subway attack happen. It's a good question that unfortunately has no good answer.

Unfortunately, like I've said though, I see nothing really remarkable in Chihara Minori as a Seiyuu. I'm surprised to hear she is an extroverted person as get anything but that impression from her roles in anime seeming like cold reads. This comes from hearing he in Haruhi, Tenjho Tenge, Dragonaut (Trailer). The exception was Ikkitousen where I just found her voice raspy and unpleasant.

Minami isn't likely to do anything to change this impression either, here's what Wikipedia has to say about her:

Minami is a very quiet girl who does not show much emotion, hence her being often mistaken for being cool, but she is very kind at heart. She comes from a wealthy family, and her home is in the same neighborhood as Takara. She owns a very large white dog and has a parasol in her yard. Minami was admitted to Ryōō Gakuen High School along with Yutaka who she met during the admissions exam and is also in her class; Minami is the class health officer. Afterwards, she helped Yutaka go to the nurse's office when she became sick. Once there, she gave Yutaka her handkerchief. Minami has short mint-green hair and her eyes are blue and are slightly slanted upward. She is very slender, though she is worried about her small chest size. She gets along with Miyuki since they have similar tastes and are from the same neighborhood. Also, Minami likes to read books and play the piano.

So great, we basically have a slightly more extroverted and active Yuki Nagato character. Counting the similarites there's the quitetness, lack of emotion, the book reading, the small build, the hidden compassion. I think it's kind of obvious why Chihara Minori is playing this role, it starts with it being the only thing she seems fit for and it further serves to remind one of the extremely popular Yuki Nagato. In fact I would think comparison between the two characters is far more justified than comparison between Miyuki and Mikuru Try as you might they are making it really hard not to compare a lot of the aspects of Lucky Star to those of Haruhi. Let's wait and see how it goes down. Should be interesting I hope.

P.S: Japan needs to work on its nicknames. Minorin, Gotozou (There's actually a story behind this one so it's actually kind of creative), Aaya, Hikki. They're just kind of variations on their names with an extra vowel or consant tacked on. You might as well just refer to them by their given name in that case. Though why not something that conveys something about them as a person. I'm not a native Japanese speaker so I can't really make any recommendations, but people should know what I mean. The Duke, The Boss, King of Pop, Queen of Soul, The Red Comet, The Crimson Lighting, The Lighting Count, those are some examples of nicknames that are based on recognition of a persons achievements. It doesn't have to be achievement, but whatever, just use your imagination. Think of the possibilities. Ootakkami for Aya Hirano, there's an example combining the prominence of the Haruhi role in her career and making it a mock title of sorts for fun in regards to her popularity among Otaku (think like Otakon from Metal Gear Sold).

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