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the whole thing would fail in the real world once people noticed that
1)Lelouch was using zero's personal custom-built knightmare in battle
2)"zero" who used to be in such bad health that he was being protected by a girl, can now run so fast he can dodge bullets and jump over KMFs
3)that the political genius rebel against britannia, is willing to become the new empresses butler (basically)

and most importantly
the plan involves NONE of the people who know Lelouch was zero, would raise ANY opposition to the "new" zero coming along and pretending to be zero (keep in mind, there are more then just the main black knights in on this)
it depends on everyone of them just saying "sure, we were stupid enough to trust a man in a mask once because he saved us, and it backfired spectacularly because he turned out to be a murderous psycho. so lets make the SAME mistake again"
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