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Not fun times. That sprung the idea of Japanese and german stereotypes. Not all germans are 'nazis', nor are japanese 'samurai'.

.... -sigh- Back on topic.

Zero Requiem may have worked considering the effort put into it. But that is quite irrelevant, we're talking about Lelouch, not his machinations. But in a very broad sense, his machinations are apart of him.

broadly speaking of course, his plans weren't perfect, but isolated and direct to his goals, at the end -- His plans benefitted everyone (besides those killed/geassed in the process) thus fitting the bill for character developement.

Too bad he didn't just get off his Royal Emperor Scooter.. platform.. thingy, and just eloped with Kallen. (J/k... well, sort've...)

The elopement wouldn't nearly have been as exciting as the canon ending, and i'm glad it ended as such (hears mob of Lelou/Lulu/Ruru fans approach him with pitchforks and torches.)
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