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Zero Requiem could not work in the real world. Sorry.

With Lelouch gone there would be a huge power vacuum, and with the world's armies either destroyed, or in shambles it would be a free for all, specially within Britannia.

Never mind that the nobles would try to take back their positions, the people themselves would probably not like the fact that Schneizel is still know the guy that blew up the capital and killed a shit ton of his own people, including family.

History has shown that whenever there are drastic regime changes what usually follows is chaos, unrest, repression, insurgencies, etc.

Fall of the Roman Empire - > Dark Ages
Fall of Czarist Russia - > USSR forms, millions of deaths as a result of purges and the Cold War getting hot in Africa and SE Asia.
Fall of Saddam Hussein -> almost a decade of war with no end in sight.

see what I mean?
I cannot give you back your homes, or restore your dead to life, but perhaps I can give you justice, in the name of our King. ~ Ned Stark
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