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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Maybe, but the fact Houki still called her sister makes me think a bit less of her. It's not so much the fact that she got a personal IS through nepotism. Ichika did, too. It's just her attitude toward her sister. Denying ties with her when it suits her, but taking full advantage when she wants something? Bleh. I wasn't much impressed when she name-dropped her sister either, to "coach" Ichika when she really had no qualification to do so.
My thoughts exactly. First she goes off saying "she's not my sister, I hate her, she ruined my life, bla bla bla". Then she goes off and says that she´s Tabane´s sister "the CREATOR OF IS CORES". Ok, so what of it Houki? That´s YOUR SISTER´S MERITS...not yours. How would being the sister of the creator automatically make you a "coach"?

So now that she needs an IS she forgets everything and calls her sis. Real nice...

She´s just getting an IS because of her sister, not because she´s got skill. A lot of people say that Houki was at a disadvantage when fighting against Charl because of her IS being a mass produced one and not a personal one. But here´s the thing...even with her personal IS, she´s still not a good pilot. Don´t believe me? Read the IS pilot stats.

Anyway, I DON´T HATE HOUKI. I just find it irritating the way her character is...heck, maybe we'll get some development on her perspectives later on...idk. Just now I´m upset.
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