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I disagree with you all.
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I'm seeing Houki trashed a lot for this episode but let's be honest, she was forced to separate from Ichika because of Tabane for a few years and even lost out on the date she was going to get with him because she had to concede from the kendo tournament. Houki has a lot of issues about her sister because of this but she is still willing to use the relation because it allows her to spend time with Ichika which Tabane cost her before. I really don't see a big deal with this, the other girls have all used their connections or previous relation to Ichika to get closer. Though I'll concede that Charlotte was kind of forced into the situation and she didn't want to take advantage of it until after she fell for him.
And none of them denied said connections. None of them badmouthed them only to turn around and hide behind them. Except Houki. That's what sticks in our crow.

Besides, as far as we know, Charles's the only one who got there by nepotism. And even then, there was a serious element of give-and-take. It just wasn't based entirely on piloting ability. Everyone else earned their spot with hard work and skill. (Granted, it didn't look like a lot of skill where Rin and Cecilia were concerned... I also have to question Laura's teamwork. We learn in this ep that she does have a team, so what gives?)

Compare and contrast Ichika, who's openly admirative of his sister, and works hard to deserve what he gets, if not to earn it.

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