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Originally Posted by Mr.Kyon View Post
Hey Flere, somebody's reading your fics bro.
Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
Nah, that's just the genderbending rule of the internet in play
I didn't know you were into that -_- ... well whatever, it's not like I never had any genderbending phantasm in my life (but I swear I never wished Hideyoshi was a girl)

Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
(Note to self: include a description of Fem!Fiamma in a future chapter. What I had in mind was someone that's more of a bishoujo aged in her mid-20s. Anyone here familiar with Nasuverse characters? Think Bazett Fraga McRimitz with her suit, but with a red colourtone for both hair and suit, plus long-ish hair.)
How about Akiha in her crimson red vermilion form but with a red suit? >.>
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