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No but getting a clear head and understanding of the situation will.

If Kio wants to fight to disable than fine, assuming he can still do his job and get a decisive victory than fine. A solider isn't obligated to kill everyone they fight. Just stop them, though 9/10 times it involves killing them. But it's a war crime to do stuff like execute wounded or surrendering enemies or attack pilots that have ejected IRL so if Kio cuts out of the cockpit fine.

Kio's problem however is that when it comes to non mooks he stops fighting and tries to preach peace with them. And when it doesn't immediately work, he just keeps doing it. After the 2nd time Girard basically laughed him off he should have gotten to the disabling. She obviously wasn't going to listen, so further words were pointless. Same with Fram.

He's also for some reason letting a girl he knew for only a short while color his whole experience with the Vegan now. He's right that the Vegan's don't deserve to be wiped out, (Asemu believes this too.) but he seems to want instant peace since he personally met a Vegan he liked. He's also almost oddly unable to connect with his own grandfather and home side, more or less writing off all their losses as unimportant, and they should all just give up and make peace with the Vegan.
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