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i agree with most of what you said. i just wanted to comment on the one thing i forgot in my review earlier in this thread - Makoto. to elaborate - how i liked him as a character, without the technicalities. i couldn't really identify with him because for the majority of the movie he is just someone who gets mentioned once in a while. i mean, most ppl probably didn't know that the MC is makoto. sure, i feel that i have much in common with makoto, but i don't get to SEE the drama in real time, which somewhat dulls the empathy. so for 90% of the movie i'm introduced to a main char who doesn't remember anything and am expected to sympathise with him. how can i do that without knowing anything about him? espeacially when his words and actions either weren't all too original or made sense only after learning that he IS makoto (like when he tells purapura that he doesn't care about his mom much, but still treats her like shit). besides the point, but that example somewhat fortifies my theory about non-changing reactions. makoto doesn't remember that he IS makoto, but the reaction to the fact that his mom is seeing another man, is the same - repulsion. although after being confronted by purapura, makoto said that he doesn't really care, because It's a stranger's mother (or smth along those lines).
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