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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
It may be important, but it's fairly simple. Go there, ask him to come back. Two more considerations:'s also Jiroumaru. A complete failbot. And whom Tohru might just decide to ignore on account of this being his day off, of stealing his truck and making have to jog down the high way for an hour.

Sending Jiroumaru to get Tohru might be simple. But so is trying to solve Algebra with addition and subtraction. It just doesn't work
Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Chances are, Ohana's better under pressure than Nako. More importantly, they need hands. They don't have to be that experienced, but they have to be there. And if they can't get Tohru - a real possibility no matter who goes, they'll just have to do the best they can with Ren. Maybe someone could have gone and given him a peptalk or something.
Except given Ren's current state, they're pretty screwed if they can't get Tohru back. If being short on Waitresses is a problem for awhile, then having all the meals ruined will be a disaster. So worrying about the waitress shortage at the beginning of the day is kind of moot point.

In terms of cost/benefit analysis, it's the difference between trying to maximize gains (Increase odds of getting Tohru back for max benefit) as opposed to trying to minimize loss (Better damage control for when Ren screws up the meal). It shouldn't be surprising given Ohana's personality, that she goes for option that seems to allow for the possibility of a good outcome*.

*Of course she could have also run into the Kitchen, bitchslapped Ren and told him to relax...I guess it was spur of the moment
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