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On the "Ren collapses under pressure" thing: why do you think he's working at Kissuiso instead of somewhere with more prestige and customers? It's not lack of skill, given that he's trained Tohru to a high enough standard to meet the approval of the other inn (whose name escapes me for the moment).

On the "sending Ohana instead of Minko" issue: as somebody earlier in the thread mentioned, Minko can do the food prep. That's pretty important, since it tends to be the most labor-intensive part of cooking, and even more so when your current chef is flaking out and wrecking your ingredients while trying to do the prep work. Having everything ready so that Tohru can start cooking as soon as he gets to Kissuiso is far more critical than having Ohana there to do... what, exactly?

On the Kou front: I'm guessing that he'll transfer into the local high school within two episodes. Three at most. Then, another two or three after that, either Nako or Yuina develops a crush on him.

And why exactly is anybody listening to anything Takako says? Everything that comes out of her mouth is either pointless English or absolute idiocy, and I get the sense that she's been doing this since well before we first saw her. I swear to god, Tomoe should hook up with Enishi solely to remove Takako from the inn forever.
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