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I thought this was the worst episode to date. Hate what they did to Ren's character. You would think someone at his age and experience would have enough confidence in his abilities to cook up something good under normal circumstances. I also don't particularly like Ohana playing main character, she has to be the one who voices out her opinions against most strongly, right after pretty much everyone is for it. And we couldn't have had it any other way then to have Ohana be the one to get Tohru in marvelous fashion. I must admit in biased against main characters constantly doing ridiculous things (not in the sense that Ohana did ridiculous things, but it always has to be main character....).

I like the prospect of Ko visiting, i think it will be very interesting if he knows one of the other girls there. Really liking the idea of Yuina and Ko knowing each other (childhood perhaps?), it would make for some really interesting situations already given Ohana and Tohru's status. Though it probably won't be the case...
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