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Well, starting with what I liked.

I thought that the Manager collapsing was good, Ohana taking a stand and her showing leadership skills nice, and the other characters had thier fair share of moments (Minchi in particular was very nice this episode) Also it had Nako and thats always a plus with me

The comedy/drama blend was very well done, I thought. I especially liked Ren's scene and despite being comedic in nature, didn't undermine or water down the seriousness of the issue at hand.

That being said, the scene with Ohana/Ko's conversation was annoying to watch, to say the least. I couldn't help but role my eyes the moment she said she couldn't hear him, and by the time she shut off the phone my face must have looked like a casino's slot machine. The scene screamed ''Incoming misunderstanding'' that I hardly stomached it. Hopefully we end up with a subversion of whats implied.

But what really soured what could've been a somewhat nice episode was the end. Ohana's going to get Tooru, much like Soconfused had said, made my head hurt from so illogical it was. Yes, I get she's the main character and thus needs to be the Herald to bring everyone together in order to preserve/save the inn, but bloody hell, did she need to be so damn impulsive and airheaded?

Seriously, going to ''get'' Tooru, without knowing where the wedding is, without changing her work kimono, without asking someone else to go and get him instead, like say one of the adults taking a car and going there. No, its running off without thinking, without asking anyone if they know the location of the wedding, without calling the place where the wedding is held to see if they could reach him, and then she'll just have to ''look everywhere''.

Bleh, it's this sort of writing that clearly engineered towards making a certain conclusion that makes it hard to enjoy anime in general.

Honestly speaking, I thought this was the weakest episode of the show, despite getting a nice mix of comedy/drama.
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