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1) even if the movie doesn't ask us to sympathise with makoto, i still want to be able to. that's a major part
in anime, movies. if i can't, then the movie had better have smth up it's sleeve to make up for it. it does, but it's barely
enough for me.
2) i mean't makoto's guy friend, when saying "loser". Sano didn't register as a character almost.
3) well, makoto ignores his mother and has been very rude to her, all of which made her feel like shit, so...
4) yes, enishi, buddhism is corny ...IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS ANIME. the idea is presented very compact and simplified, thus
becoming corny. e=mc^2 is corny, but explaining what the hell that means - is not. it's corny and obvious, also, because 90% of viewers already knew
about the idea and are tired of it.
5) as for makoto being a great guy...hell, i don't think so. what has he really done for the family, except for being an asshole? and for hiroka? he ran with her so that she would not sleep with some old guy. ok, you say he accepted her. no big feat in my book.
srly, what's so hard
to accept about a girl who sleeps with men for money? and it's not like everyone else was shunning her (i may be mastaken here.
if i am, correct me).
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