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Originally Posted by darkchibi07
Of course all this fluffiness might be an attempt to catch the viewers off guard, and then late in the series they might throw in yuri rape scenes or something.
Gawd, no Kannazuki please!

Originally Posted by crisis
*nods* I've a soft spot for cliches done right. And character-having-tragic-pasts is a sure win for me to support them, no matter how unhealthy it is. Blame Shungiki Nakamura's Hybrid Child for that trauma (it reduced me to a teary mess. I could give you a link to it, providing you don't mind the BL. )
I'm with you all the way in this one. I'm an absolute sap when it comes to characters who have tragedy haunting them. I just get snagged by their dilemma and end up strongly rooting for them.

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