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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
1) I think relentlessflame is being far too gracious to the "no setup" crowd Really, they can't be troutslapped hard enough for simply failing to pay attention and frankly, I think there's a lot of subversive "shipping" still trolling around from those who never understood this was never a "harem choose the girl" adventure.
(yes, I think an equally interesting story could have been told with Ami but that is left to "alternative history doujinshi")

2) My assessment of the anime is that it has stood on its own quite successfully. Do I think the novels tell a deeper more content-rich story? well, duh. But this is an anime adaptation. Some things the visual medium does better than the novels and in other aspects it is handicapped compared to the novels. So it goes....
The problem isn't that there was "no setup". It is that the little set up that there is occurred primarily within this episode. It just felt unnatural for something so dramatic, almost to the point of it feeling unnatural, happened with only one episode supporting the drama out of a whole batch of 24. I don't think there is "no setup" just "hasty setup".
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