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Oh I should explain - dependent on the individual, certainly anyone of any age can be reflective and insightful, just as you say relentlessflame. I tend to sometimes over analyze things; due to that though, from what I've picked up, the majority of shippers complaining about the series' outcome deem to be that of a younger audience given their "forum age" and what not. It's not a very plausible assumption to make I know, but judging by the context of their posts and their thoughtless declarations of which pairing should "win" simply due to their preference, its hard personally for me to not interpret it in any other way than that they come across as an immature audience.
No, don't worry -- I knew what you meant, and I actually think that you're probably right. As an illustration, an astute commenter on one of those famous blogs pointed out today that they appreciated Toradora's theme of the difference between a crush and the various forms of love. But how can one recognize and appreciate this theme if you're at a point in life where you can't really tell the difference yourself? This is definitely a story (and adaptation) written by an adult reflecting back on high school. If you're not at a stage in life where you can similarly look back and recognize everything for what it is, I can see how it'd be harder to understand.

This episode is actually a perfect example. All the people who are like "this is so sudden", "it makes no sense", and "where did this come from"... this is so what being a teenager is like. Maybe it's because I'm the oldest with two younger siblings, so got to witness this same phenomenon? To Taiga and Ryuuji, this so makes sense and is all the world to them in this moment -- they're going to do this, and they're going to prove to everyone that they don't need anyone to tell them how to live their lives! They're going to be free from everything that holds them back! Because, mom, (dad,) just accept that I'm an adult already! But they're not. Obviously not. Painfully not. And this is absolutely going to dawn on them sooner or later. But for right now -- in this one single moment -- they've found each other, and that's all they need! World be damned! The fact that it makes no sense, is sudden, etc. is exactly the point because this is what it is to be a teenager. It only makes sense at the time and, in retrospect, was totally stupid. And it's only later on that you actually figure that out (and you spend the whole rest of your life "getting that" more and more).

So anyway, all that to say, I don't think you've over-analyzed at all -- I was just trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. In the end, it really is that sort of show that makes more sense upon reflection. And, in truth, maybe it does help if you have something to reflect about in your own life first.

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Well, I agree about everything other than age part.
I hate kids. I eat babies, and use teenagers as slaves.

But don't tell anyone.
Ah, crap. "Honey? Better take the kids down to the cellar. We've got trolls..."

(Speaking of which, have you noticed that forum trolling has changed over the last few years? It used to be that people would come into forums and post negative opinions only to get people riled up. Nowadays, you get the same sort of negative opinions, and the person seems to really mean it! )
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