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Spoiler for Zafira - Epilogue:
This one contains probably some of my worst translations.

* This is the first one in a series of statements that were more complicated than I expected and have completely stumped me. The literal translation is something along the lines of "It did not reach importance, the case is safe, darknes's book's darkness's consequencial damage reffered to things treated", while GTranslate "helpfully" translates it as: "It did not reach importance, this case was safely handled in the aftermath of the aftermath of the darkness of the book of darkness.". Note that it completely drops any reference to damage? So my translation is basically me winging it based on what was said before (when Shamal and Zafira met) and my loose interpretation of the GTranslate translation.

** This is supposed to be a rethorical question/suprise reaction. I'm not confident that meaning is passed on via this translation properly.

*** This is again a kind of loose interpretation of literal "Peacfull good... But a little longer, at Misress's side stay" but I think it again fits with the context.

*4 This pretty much mirrors what Signum asked Zafira couple of dialogues ago, only her line had a particle. I feel this should be a question, but it clearly does not end with a qeustion mark, so I formulated it in a way where Zafira could answer negatively.

*5 He actually seems to say What, but that would make no sense in context. So I went with Nah.

*6 Tis entire exchange is off. The previous line that Hayate says is also wobbly but the main problem lies here. I simply can not confidently dechypher なにがええかな. The sentence does start with nano, which is what but it's not marked as a question?!? Initially I went farther of course and translated it much more loosely as "I wonder what would you like".
Also if this is a question, Zafira certainly doesn't answer it.

*7 Oh boy, this one made no sense to Google Translate. For some reason they use katakana here for the word "モフモフ" which apparently means soft to fouch. Why use katakana, this doesn't look like a loanword?!? Frankly I initially thought she was refering to some sort of receepie or something. And the rest isn't better since a) she drops quite a lot of parts of the sentence as Japanese are won't to do and b) god damned Kansai dialect.
Still I'm pretty certain I got the real gist of it.
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