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Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Here's a small contribution from me....

In case somebody likes them and doesn't have them already.

I have a couple more from the same series, although most of those are of maids.
The first one definitely fits the theme. The second one looks like a ecchi version of a female business suite. I personally don't think it fits the theme. Or atleast not with what i had in mind, and neither does it with in with what i and solace has come to a agreement about, if we understood each other correct. But i'll let Solace have the last word on that one.

It's as i confirmed in the PM, if you think it matches in than it's ok Solace

Originally Posted by Marina View Post
I really like this one, but like you said, I'm not really sure it fits the theme of 'elegant/formal'. Let's think of the original concept of the maid, shall we?
Purpose: Service, cleaning. The maid outfit is almost a uniform in that everyone has a pretty clear concept of what the outfit should look like.
Someone said that they saw formal/elegant as something one would wear to a formal occasion, such as:
a ball, a wedding, a religious event, or anything of the like. I don't really see a maid outfit as befitting any of these events, unless you'd consider Halloween "formal."
I agree about the maid part

Originally Posted by Solace View Post
I notice there's a lot of questions about what is considered formal/elegant. There will be a post about this later to help clarify things. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
We have come to a agreement about the theme. So far i will only say: refrain yourself from using a male render. Solace or i will post the details about the slightly modified theme names. The idea remained the same as the picture posted as examples.

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