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Originally Posted by lmd_84 View Post
So Rui did stop it? I assumed he had something to do with it, given his seemingly unquestioning support of Ran, but there wasn't any on-screen evidence, was there?

I'm liking the animation style of this, simple without looking scruffy. The story has potential to be entertaining, though I hope the angst won't get too out of hand.

I thought the bit in the building with the dog and the lighter was a terribly clumsy way to attack someone, until I considered the building/contents, and not the employee, was probably the target. Even so, a bit odd, I thought.
To be honest don't have anything concrete on Rui stopping it, but just my guess. Seems pretty coincidental that the moment he grabbed Ran's wrist it stopped. But also combining it with the events in episode 2.

How Ran can't read his mind adds something to him having some abilities of his own. Also wondering about when Fumi attacked. Not sure if holding her wrist again had anything to do with how her powers were unleashed. True he wasn't affected by it. But he also wasn't the target in Ran's mind. Will probably need more time to get more insight into Rui.

Obviously being kidnapped should keep him right in the action .
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