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Just watched the first two episodes. This is interesting.

I can see where the Dennou Coil comparisons come from. It's an NHK series for one, and they share the same timeslot, but, more important than that, the main characters somewhat resemble the two main characters in Dennou Coil, particularly their disposition. But Dennou Coil comprehensively showed that you can make something squarely aimed at children, but still be very moving and very intelligent. It'll be a amazing if Telepathy Shoujo Ran is even half as good as Dennou Coil, but I haven't seen anything so far which says it can't be.

Much like Dennou Coil, the character art is simple, but the animation itself is quite good. Particularly the background art. There are a few carefully chosen scenes which just have beautiful background art. The music is pretty good as well, so provided the budget holds, the aesthetic effort could be quite nice.

There's a good amount of intrigue and mystery to keep this interesting, and as others have pointed out, it is rather dark for a children's show. The characters are fairly believable with how they deal with stuff as well... well, except for Rui. I raised an eyebrow in the second episode when he so quickly realized that the dog had been controlled. There's obviously more to his character than has been revealed so far and he almost certainly has some sort of power/s, probably a variation of the type Ran and Natsuki... I mean, Midori have. (Midori herself is rather sensitive for someone that's been constantly taunting Ran since she met her). But no one's that astute.

I like this. Not much good out so far this season, but I'll be watching this one with interest.
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