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Originally Posted by kuroishinigami View Post
You can't hide the fact that you're a Kampfer since the bracelet will glow when there's another Kampfer near you. That and your personality might chance to be attack minded when you awaken your Kamper power :P.
I still can transferred to another school and avoid any encounter with other kampfer so the bracelet wont glow or hide somewhere else safe from any harm

but in Natsuru case, (I mean if I'm become Natsuru) there's no safe place, for both my male and female form
In Natsuru male form: Mikoto&Shizuku will 'attacked', and Akane is beyond safe buddy too
In Natsuru Female form: All girl in girl section is dangerous, and male building is even more dangerous than there

last action is: Suicide...but I'm sure Akane or Shizuku will prevent that by shooting my Rope (to hang my self) or chaining me like sausage/bondage with her Blade
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