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Originally Posted by Rennir View Post
You opened your thread!!!

*Claims first reply*

Welcome to the FC subsection!

You're really good at making userbars and I love those gifs, for obvious reasons Especially the Asuna one

Looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future!
Mhm. The name took longer to come up with than I expected. Anyone who can put it into simplier terms without using the internet, a dictionary, or a thesaurus gets my respect. P:


Haha, thanks brotha. There'll be more SAO/Asuna avatars to come once the anime airs or when we get another PV ~~

I'll do my best not to disappoint; as difficult as that'll be, haha. My HDD got wiped so I lost all of my 'WIP' projects except for one, which I'll attach to the end of this post. I did manage to find my usb from over 3-4 years ago, though. It has the noobiest of work on it. I was going through the .psds and was shocked to learn that I knew how to effectively use gradient maps and clipping masks all the way back then.

Anyway, current ‘project’:

I just remembered that I made 2 variations of a sig for a member here a while back. It was just a simple crop + border + text.
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