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Originally Posted by Kaihan View Post
Congratulation on opening this thread.
The title caught my eye, did you get idea to use "Atelier" from Gust game?

Great Work, I may want to use one of those totori/meruru at a later date

Actually, nope, I did not. Even though the word 'Atelier' is in the titles of some of the games in this thread (2 to be exact), I actually only noticed that after coming up with the word myself. I used it because I love words being with either 'e' or 'a'. It's actually an English word of French origin, which means 'workshop' or 'studio'. And since I don't expect anyone to correctly guess what 'empyreal' means w/o the aid of the inter, I'll just say it; it can mean many things, but in this case it means 'heavenly' or 'awe-inspiring'.

Thanks again. Actually, those were designed for a certain group on another forum, and since I lost the .psds for those files, I won't be able to remove the JSFPS text. However, I'd be fine with designing a completely new userbar just for you of any Totori or Meruru character you chose. Just let me know who, and if you want one.
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