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Originally Posted by Aphrah View Post

Actually, nope, I did not. Even though the word 'Atelier' is in the titles of some of the games in this thread (2 to be exact), I actually only noticed that after coming up with the word myself. I used it because I love words being with either 'e' or 'a'. It's actually an English word of French origin, which means 'workshop' or 'studio'. And since I don't expect anyone to correctly guess what 'empyreal' means w/o the aid of the inter, I'll just say it; it can mean many things, but in this case it means 'heavenly' or 'awe-inspiring'.

Thanks again. Actually, those were designed for a certain group on another forum, and since I lost the .psds for those files, I won't be able to remove the JSFPS text. However, I'd be fine with designing a completely new userbar just for you of any Totori or Meruru character you chose. Just let me know who, and if you want one.
And it took me until Atelier Iris 3 to find out Atelier means workshop.

Anyways not now since I havent decided yet and got a few signature that I already made that I want to use. Might not be related to Meruru/Totori but I may one day ask for something related to Gust Games. Will let you know when the time comes.

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