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Originally Posted by Kaihan View Post
The second image... Its Alive!

Great work though, didnt expect to see these types of signature.
Thanks ~

I was debating whether to post them here or not, but in the end I just said: "Why the hell not?"

Originally Posted by Rennir View Post
Yeah, honestly now that you mention it, the motion really resembles jelly Not really bouncy as much as jiggly, although I understand given the size restrictions.
Jelly has never looked so unrealistically sexy? xD

Originally Posted by Reverzer0 View Post
sorry for the late reply, still lack of time for the internet".
and for my requests emmh rid or no rid for the background is ok for me and please do not put any texts including the logo.

for my avatar just make it static hehe", i will try doin' myself later", domo arigato gozaimasu",
Ahh, it's no problem at all.

Alright, I'll mess around and see what looks best.

And yep, I got it.
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