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Well, Kallen did want to die with Lelouch back during turn 19 and arguably turn 22 as well(Chiba stating the BK will gun her down if Kallen is under Lelouch's geass by Kallen herself, I thought it was already pretty much cleared up between Lelouch and Kallen at turn 2. Don't know why Kallen would think she's under his geass at this point since she did walk away from him at turn 19).

Don't think the poem meant she wanted to be Suzaku at ZR. More like what Nunnally said during turn 25. She didn't want to lose him.

The poem did show Kallen didn't want to live a normal life when her brother died(I'm guessing her brother would have wanted her to live a normal life). So I'm not really surprised she would have wanted to have a choice to follow Lelouch even if Lelouch didn't want that.

Lelouch did become the most important person to Kallen since turns 19 and 22 really showed that. Kallen wasn't even thinking about her mother or anyone else.

I don't think this helps though your take on Kallen though .

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