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Originally Posted by Levy View Post
Most important person, I can understand.
More important that everything she's been fighting for (also under Zero's command), well, I can't ^^;

Ok, ZR was for greater good, but from the way she stated that in the poem, it sounds more like she would have followed him unconditionately.
And yes, Lelouch is enough of an ass to always decide what's better for the others without asking them, but this is nothing new XD

That line about 'shot me if you suspect I'm under Geass', I've always had difficulties to make it fit into the plot, too. I think it was there to show that Kallen absolutely wanted to meet Lelouch face to face and was ready to risk her life for that, but, at the same time, that she didn't want to compromise her army and her people because of this need of her to get her answer from him.
But you are right, she should know that she has been geassed already, but maybe she doesn't know that Lelouch's Geass can be used only once. Or, more probably, the writers forget that!
dont forget that ZERO_R is (ultimatly) for a greater good
had lelouch told kallen what he was actually trying to achive in the end
i dont think there would be a problem for her to join him
she ended up opposing him becouse she DIDNT know what the end goal was
and once she figured it out she was trying to stop it becouse she knew what happens next (lelouch's death)

#2- for the sheer comedy of the thing ;P
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