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Srsly ?
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Originally Posted by incorrupts View Post
Yeah, this is what i said basically.
Only that having faith, is always there. People always have a tiny ray of hope in whatever they do.
But calculating+arrangement does give the important factor or "realistic chances". And this is what BK missed. This is what Lelouch gave to them. It is what Urabe said in #2 in Kallen, he was the only hope they had.
And that's what I said before
Well it was more of a "Lelouch above everything else because he gave her hope" because of this line assuming she didn't really believe anything would come out of it. And I agree for the "tiny ray of hope" but well that's more of a "something good can still happen" than a "We can do this"

Lelouch gave her the "We can do This !"

Lol Lelouch = Obama ? *off*

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