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-Am I the only one hoping she is still alive for more than just comedy reasons? Well, either way, I'm surprised to know people are actually paying attention to a character that has only appeared in 1 chapter with the Uchiha sausage-fest that is taking place in the manga right now (hint*hint: sarcasm). Truth be told, I'm probably just deluding myself into thinking Kushina is still alive. I mean let's face it, if she were alive, there would be too many questions that Kishimoto would likely not feel like answering. Stuff like: How Minato and Kushina met? What's their story? Why was she not present during Naruto's childhood (something which could have sparred the latter a LOT of crap)? What was her former country like? Why did she stay in Konoha? Hell, Kishimoto could write an entire arc for this stuff and it would be great since the center of attention would be a female character this time (a great change of pace IMO).

-But no, we will likely never hear her story because like all mothers in Naruto, Kushina is only there for the space between her legs. Hell, just look at Sakura's mother. She's not even visible. For all I know, Sakura recorded that voice some many years ago into deluding she has parents and is completely off her rocker.
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