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Where the hell is "Christ" the smart guy when you need him?
Too busy crying in a corner somewhere. Christ! That guys pathetic

Originally Posted by icyhandofcrap View Post
A lot of bloggers seem to be wondering about the whereabouts of Takeyama and why he didn't help with the computer hacking.

Perhaps he never came back from being launched by Kanade?
Was wondering the same thing myself. Oh the joy i would've had just from witnessing his stabbing

Things are still happening a bit too conveniently for my liking in the show, but I think I'm starting to learn to stop questioning shit and just run with it. Pretty much going into the "i give up and i don't care anymore" mode lol

EDIT: Also major laughs with Iceblock and his/her Dark Archon thing on the first page, keep em StarCraft parallels coming for future eps. They're hilarious as hell
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