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Now THAT is how you tell a story. No qualms with me here. Heck, they even made the deaths pretty damn funny. XD

Best episode so far, bar none. Man, those clones are so devious. Planning a trap within a trap; GENIUS!

And the way they foreshadowed that was brilliant. I knew something was fishy when Yuri found new programs; if they can make new ones, whats stopping them from modifying or deleting existing ones? Not to say that the clones modified it; they probably didn't, as they have no need to because they knew what the result would be. Just that if it really was such a dangerous thing to their existence, they would've done something about it.

Also was pretty suspicious how the Kaname Klones don't put a pursuit after someone 'judo pin sacrifice' her. Pretty sure Yuri was mistaken in that would stop the clones; they just chose not to in order for them to move on to fall deeper into the trap.

So yeah, yet again, Angel Beats delivers.

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