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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
So, does anyone here have experience with a long long long term depression?

It's not severe, but it's bad enough where I just don't seem to enjoy much in life. I've been like this for 6-8 years, with no ups or downs, just a steady mild depression.

I don't have any emotional traumas, nor do I live in a depressing environment (I'm in freaking soCAL on the beach for goodness sakes). I have good friends, a loving family, and I have several hobbies, both indoor and outdoor. I'm just not exactly happy with anything I do. Lately, even anime has started to turn a tiny bit sour for me
You require different experiences in life in order to 'live'.

You need to differentiate and try different activities; try making new friends. Difference is important. You can be content for awhile without changing anything but that'll eventually end. Fine tune everything before moving on for new experiences -- that isn't recommended but it's optimal in my opinion.

If that doesn't work try getting diagnosed. You may have gotten this melancholy from something or someone else. It's entirely possible. Diagnosed is always the best to do when curing depression. Severe or otherwise. Just don't mistreat the other option you have available.

I doubt this helped. I'm sorry.
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