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Originally Posted by oompa loompa View Post
Hearing problems?.. I've never thought of that. All the memories I have of these incidents I'm usually alone. Can't say.

Hmmm how should I describe it.. it has to do with complicated patterns, but the elements in it should be moving close to randomly, or at least seemingly so. Thats why a beehive causes it, or if you've ever seen an accelerated video of cell reproduction, beyond a point (when the screen is covered by cells) the feeling begins to kick in.

Well.. it was definitely worse when I was younger. I remember that there were a couple of times when I told my parents, but it looked like they got really worried so I always managed to shrug it off as nothing, and get out of going to a doctor. As it turns out, it never actually caused a problem ( I had totally forgotten that I even had it, till just the other day it kicked in watching some documentary on bees). Now when it happens ( it happens pretty rarely) its fairly easy to shrug off, as I know what happens, and just think about something else.
Okay let's see:

1. Does it happen more if you focus on a particular moving element that would require your eyes to move along with it?

2. Is it alleviated by shifting your head or closing your eyes?

3. Do you suddenly get some vision problems with it, like sudden flashing lights or sudden loss of sight?

From the looks of it, if it isn't with hearing problems it's not likely an inner ear labyrinth problem. It looks primarily a problem with the optic tract, and without primary vision impairment it seems like a brain stem or cerebellum problem.

Internet medical diagnosis is hard.
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