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Originally Posted by mysterious View Post
I already read some chapters of the manga so it isnt that confusing to me, which also the reason that I didnt watch this show at first. For ep6. so you start with a yandere miko getting it on with a loli tsudere over a thing call the male lead. Then they go to school and end up living together. What is there to confuse about?
So I guess it is possible if I refer this series to someone, I'd get their attention by starting them with Episode 06 renamed as Episode 01

I would prefer she only wears black pantsu. There is something about a pure innocent maiden Miko wearing black undergarment. Well, she is not that pure and innocent, but she is still a maiden right?!
Ha... how many maidens you see carrying a bunch of mean looking deadly weapons wait a minute.... I think.... I'd say Shirayandere wears black when in school uniform, and white when in miko mode. Gotta be... I don't remember any black on when she bared her miko boobies at Kinji, and we do know of her revealed black bra when she was wearing her school uniform, so yeah...

Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Riko loves her given name. It's the family name she's not so hot about.
That's what I meant, since she was born of the Lupins (and doesn't like), in which she prefers to be known as Riko.

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