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Originally Posted by KilluaX90 View Post
Let's stop feeding him and get back to discussing ep 6
Yeah, anymore of this needs to go in the Generic thread

I love your theory , but the part about Shirayuki wearing white in miko mode is questionable. The only thing we can get from watching ep 6 is that she doesn't wear bra in miko mode (I guess like kimono, the miko's outfits were originally worn without underwears ).
It's just a visual deduction leaning more towards pantsu. Notice how I tried to be clever with the "I don't remember any black on when she bared her miko boobies", because.... I don't remember ever seeing some real Shirayandere panchira, but the Anime has done a good job with her boobies so far

From that I can only guess, since what we've seen so far, way back in episode 1 I definitely do not think she wore an uncoordinated black bra and white pantsu, and I don't have to point to the hundreds of Miko pictures online that show a girl wearing white pantsu

I miss the tag [Victory] . And, damn it, why didn't the black underwear look like the 100% silk G-strings mentioned in the novel
Oh come on, at least this girl has variety. Star embroidery, flower embroidery, various bow sizes from thin to mega-bow, and if you're a panties expert (DON'T ASK), you will spot at least 1 thong in the black pile

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