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Originally Posted by Khalil View Post
I doubt Shioon will get his Ki-centre fully restored right away, since that would probably make him ridiculously overpowered.
But I hope that this happens, I want to see a fight, real fight, no moral victories, or some girl who saves him.

Originally Posted by cloak_and_dagger View Post
FF to end of manga..

Shioon: Saehee, Sosul, Sera, Jinnie, I've succesfully defeated the world, and it's harem time!

*eats candy*


Shioon: Yesss ?

Girls:...Where's..where's your wang?

Spoiler for =]:
This is A good!!, The girl : come one Shioon, this time, try to eat 3 candy together, probably the effects, is a bitter long....
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