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Well, can't complain much with this episode as I was expecting the full trial to be squeezed in. Only real disappointment is the failure to involved the ElectroIDs into the case, which in my opinion is more relevant than Mondo's way of speech.

Seeing the pace so far, 2 episodes per chapter is fine. But that means the final trial will also be squeezed in the final episode only. NO!!! For *** awesomeness!!! The prologue and opening of chapter 1 is just too long, better a rushed intro than a rushed ending.

But I was really glad they can squeeze in that last portion, hoping they can spend time in subsequent episodes in solving the academy's mysteries other than purely on the murders.

P.S. FTW Shou for the awesome appearance in just the 3rd minute!!! Finally can allow us gamers to discuss about her without any fear of spoilers.
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