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Originally Posted by Solitaired View Post
Seeing the pace so far, 2 episodes per chapter is fine. But that means the final trial will also be squeezed in the final episode only. NO!!! For *** awesomeness!!! The prologue and opening of chapter 1 is just too long, better a rushed intro than a rushed ending.
Chapter 1 is arguably the shortest in the game. Considering how they had to compress everything, they will have to make even more shortcut than they did for chap2 and chap 1.
Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
They were involved. We knew ??? found the dead girls' and a broken one back in ep 4. And in this ep we found why.
The problem is that they weren't used at all as evidence against Mondo. Kyouko actually talked about these just to give some context between Mondo and Chihiro.
Past that, they pretty much made Mondo give up just because of his slip of tongue.
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